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Sharing MOOC participant artifacts

I have been too busy to focus on posting to All Things Moocable recently. I have been busy fostering the networks and relationships that MOOCs have introduced into my life.

Rather than focusing on what MOOCs are and who is or isn’t supporting them, I have been living within the MOOC communities and exploring the artifacts participants have generated and are sharing online as a direct result of their immersion into the MOOC culture. People the world over are exploring what matters to them and many are using their new-found knowledge and skills to make the world a better place.

I am sharing a sample of one type of MOOC inspired artifact via this re-blog. A Blog devoted to making the world a better place… one article…. and one reader… at a time. I hope you enjoy the read! If you do, please pass it forward!



Hello. My name is Hakizimana. Haki in short, for all those who find my full name to be a tongue twister. I’m Rwandan by birth, but also a naturalized South African. I arrived in South Africa way back in 1996, two years after the genocide in my country that claimed the lives of just under a million people, mostly of the Tutsi ethnic grouping. I consider myself neither a Hutu nor a Tutsi. My mother is a Tutsi and father Hutu, but they also had mixed parentage, so yes, I’m just Rwandan, and South African.

I arrived in South Africa during what my friend Thabo, a South African, calls their ‘honeymoon’ period. Those were the heady days when the father of the Nation, Nelson Mandela, was president. Their rugby team had just won the World Cup, and their soccer team were the Champs of Africa. The economy was going through…

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